About this blog

Emoticonvergence is a site about the way life works. There isn’t one focus to it like cooking, hiking, or books (though those are three of my favorite things). Instead, Emoticonvergence tries to look at life through emotional windows. There are currently 4 categories on the site:

=D – These are the happy posts. That might mean it’s a joke or quote to cheer you up, something happy about a person or group of people, or even just a little anecdote about the good things in life. Hopefully there are a lot of these on the site.

😦 – These are more of the sad things in life. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a giant rant, so stop me if it does. Instead, it’s just a place to go if you want to  see people who have fallen on hard times and need some help.

>:O – Here are the things that make me angry. The fortunate thing is that I will likely just make fun of those things, so if you’re looking for a laugh check these posts out.

o_O – Finally, we have the wonky posts. If I find something that simply baffles me, it’ll go here. Ideally, this will be full of the topics that get your creative mind thinking, and maybe you can give me some explanations for the stuff that goes up here.

There might be more Emoticonverging in time, but for now that’s where we are. I wanted to work in a “;-)” category, but couldn’t decide how to pull that off while still making it kid friendly. I’ll work on that one.

Maybe it’ll be all puns…

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