Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 22!


It’s the first day of the new bak’tun! Hooray!


…And that’s enough of that celebration. Time to get down to business.


Because how else will we defeat the Huns?


Today’s graph approaches the topic of gingerbread houses. Feel free to use it either as a guide in your own building or as a handy tool to help judge other people’s houses. That way you can may your 7-year old niece feel like a real dunce for adding the clearly unnecessary bay window to her Saltbox-style gingerbread home.


Pretentious little hipster…


At least, that’s the basic rule of thumb. With Christmas cheer, nostalgia reigns supreme–like Skeletor in a He-Man-less world. That means that as long as you keep it simple, it’ll evoke feelings of the seasons of yore. Or before. Probably you’ll relate to the latter a lot better.


Caution: Do NOT be fooled into reminiscing of the “Years of Roar”


However as with many things, the more ostentatious you get, the more annoying it becomes. But go TRULY over the top and something magic happens. It sudden;y becomes immediately more awesome, with nearly limitless potential. It’s kind of like how Danny Grainger used his NBA salary to build himself a big house (sort of annoying) then built a bat cave to go with it (undeniably awesome).



Case in point

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