Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 17!


I’m going to make a wager. Most of the people reading this probably don’t believe in Santa (you’re wrong) and most of you are probably not children. Boom. Graph proven.


’nuff said.


That’s why Christmas cheer is most often spread through children. Check out the Grinch to see what I’m talking about. Cindy Lou Who is the one person who can convince the Grinch, who is kind of like Ebenezer Scrooge + Scrooge McDuck + something green, so I’ll say celery, that Christmas is awesome.


And nothing hates Christmas quite like vegetables


However as we age we find more and more that Santa seems less appealing. We get older and stop believing in Santa and you know what? Suddenly we need Christmas cheer. And that, friends, finally explains why people have children.


Instead of buying pet bears.

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