Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 16! (Belated)


Well this graph is one day late, or as I like to look at it as a tree-half-decorated kind of guy (as opposed to tree-half-naked), one day closer to snow. That’s why we get today’s graph! Now is the time to practice your snowball crafting and snowball throwing, so that when the snow falls your arsenal is impressive and useful!


You’ll need that extra time to work on your snow fortifications


This graph is a pretty simple one. See, the difference between a snow cube and a snow ball is pretty significant. Except in the world of snow warfare, cutting corners is a good thing.


Pictured: Snow Nuke


Of course, once you get a generally good shape, the opportunity cost of  working it to a more perfectly sphere really falls of the deep end. Mostly because no matter how much you pack that thing together it’s still snow. It’s just not going to hold up at high velocity, so you’ll need a new strategy to win your snow wars.


My suggestion: Snow cavalry

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