Graph-a-Day til Chrismtas Part 15!


If you’ve spent anytime being alive in December, you should be intimately familiar with Christmas sweaters. It’s a combination that fits perfectly–cold Christmas and warm sweaters. Put the together and you get a decidedly neutral wearer. Except when they are explicit “Christmas sweaters,” in which case the wearer is firmly in support of the holiday season, as today’s graph shows.


Of course some people just talk about ugly Christmas sweaters.


This is an ugly Christmas sweater. Also… gold pants? Really?


Looking at a sweater like this, there is really only one thing to say about it. You’re taking one for the team. You enjoy Christmas so much that you’ll wear that to show it. Now that’s cheer.


So what does that mean for less than ugly Christmas sweaters? Are they suitably less cheerful? Not even close.


However they do encourage more pensive thought in the cold outside.


Notice how good that guy looks. Look hard. Do you see it? The cheer, oozing from his finely dressed, uber classy demeanor? Yeah, of course you do. These sweaters work just as well for Christmas, not because you take one for the team but because you represent it well. You’re looking at Christmas and saying “You know what? I’m going to dress as well as Christmas DESERVES.”


That’s the kind of spirit that spreads Christmas cheer at an optimal jingle-belling, snow-prancing, hall-decking level. With that kind of devotion, anything is Christmas-y. Even rocking it bear naked.


“Merry Christmas!”

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