Graph-a-Day til Chrismtas Part 14!


So check it out. What’s every person’s favorite terrifying Christmas story? Santa’s Slay? Probably not unless you really love Goldberg.


And who wouldn’t?


No. Of course, I’m talking about A Christmas Carol, that famous tale by Charles Dickens that shows us all the real impact that Christmas Cheer can have on the world. See, even Ebenezer Scrroge, who hates cripples, can be cheered up with a little Christmas spirit. I mean, seriously this Scrooge guy is a real chore. It’s a very grisly scene when we first encounter Tiny Tim.


“Ahem, I believe it’s pronounced ‘grizzly.'”


So who is Tiny Tim? He’s the son of Bob Cratchitt, an hourly employee of Mr. Scrooge who has simple dreams of one day starting a union, becoming president of that union, and then disappearing and being forever shrouded in rumors that he gets buried under the as-of-yet unbuilt Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands. (Note: That’s Bob Cratchitt’s wish. Tiny Tim’s is to one day match the insane ball-handling talents of Mugsy Bogues.)


“God bless us everyone, except for people over 5’9″”


And of course, we all get along with Tiny Tim. Why’s that? Because he’s tiny. Think about tiny things and their full sized counterparts. Loony Tunes vs. Tiny Tunes. Dr. Evil vs. Mini Me. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Fun Size Reese’s.


…Okay, so the metaphor doesn’t necessarily hold. The point is that tiny things are cuter and that’s why we all remember Tiny Tim. Don’t believe me. Well I bet this is just about the cutest darned robot you’ve ever seen.



Game, set, and match.

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