Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 13!


Quick, what’s Santa’s favorite pack animal? Think you got it?


A mule!


Of course Santa has a more legendary connection to a different animal that combines precipitation and hunting and that’s the subject of this graph. See I’m wondering why Santa goes with 8? The guy has magic. Why not have unlimited reindeer?


On second thought, groups of reindeer are horrifying.


Well the answer lies in simple group dynamics. When you get a whole army of reindeer together you know what they do? They get in tussles and they play games that leave the freakishly mutated reindeer out. Pretty much it just turns in to a circus. A circus with antlers. And no one wants that.


Not even Bearly.


So you find the optimal number at 8. It’s enough to fly the sled, which is hard when a heavy sled is pulled by landborne animals. On the other hand, it’s too few to breed too much discontent. The only problem arises in bad weather, where lighting on one side of the 4 pairs might throw off Santa’s perception. That’s why in inclement fog, Santa busts out the hideously deformed ninth reindeer.


Also a future X-man.

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