Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 12!


I know what you’re all thinking. “Good King Wenceslas? Really? That’s like the Peter Criss of Christmas Carols!” Also I know that deep down, you are all huge KISS fans. Also to answer your question– YES. Good. King. Wenceslas.


And he’s ready to throw down with all you punks. Especially if you’re in a unitard.


So I’m sure that if you’re anything like me, you are wondering what Good King Wenceslas is all about. If not and you just want to listen tot he song, here ya go:


So the Good King is this pretty rocking dude from Bohemia right? He goes out all the time (even the Winter) even though he’s a Duke (more on that later) and gives alms to all these people that’s crowding his streets because that is how Wenceslizzle rolls.




How good was he? Well wrap your head around this. Not only did the Good King get his own Christmas Carol, he also got his own Bohemian cult. These days you have to be an acoustic rock band to get that kind of attention.


Good King Death Cab and his Fair Cuties.


Oh, and that whole thing about him being a Duke? Well the Good King was so Good that centuries after his death he got a Pope to declare stories of his life as straight up facts and some righteous brother named Otto proclaimed this Bohemian superstar a King. Not a bad deal just because he hung out barefoot in the cold.



“Also all bears are henceforth supreme emperors.” –Otto I

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