Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 11!


You know, I’m chock full of Christmas spirit–or I’m anti-empty for all the Christmas pessimists out there–but something is bothering me. Giving is the spirit of the season right? Yet we encourage our kids to write letters to Santa to do what? To demand goods. Seems like a catch 22.


May as well be a bomb threat.


Then I realized something. What kinds of things evoke the Christmas spirit? The color red? Check. White, fluffy stuff? Check. Cookies? Check. Santa? See previous answers.


Heck, you could almost call him “Father Christmas”


And you know what makes kids believe in Santa Claus? All those presents under their Christmas trees. All they need to do is send out some letters to reinforce that belief and before you know it–BOOM–Santa’s real.


Suck it, kid NOT under the bike rack.


That’s why writing those letters doesn’t put you on the naughty list OR the nice list. It’s a nice equilibrium. And that solves my problems. Thanks, graphs.

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