Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 9!


Hopefully all of you have hung them by the fireplace with care. If not, be sure to keep from throwing them up too carelessly, because they might fall and knock over all of your roasting chestnuts. I’m talking, of course, about stockings. Today’s graph takes a look at the best way to fill one. Let’s get into it.


Candy – Now, many people might claim that this proportion is too small but to that I say “Hold your bovines.” Candy is small. Just a bit can hit you with a virtual army of calories and sugar. It’s like diabetes in a tiny foil wrapper. With nougat. The point is, with candy a little goes a long way.


For those interested in more candy: hang more stockings!


Fruit – this pretty much just goes in to offset the candy. Also, it’s delicious. And sometimes orange.


Especially the oranges.


Stocking Stuffers – Now these should really make up the meat of the stocking. Also, please ignore that anyhting stuffed into a stocking is technically a stocking stuffer.


Even stuffing.


Now because these gifts are a bit larger, they don’t stretch quite as far as the candy does. Therefore, more volume of the stocking must be devoted to the stocking stuffers. It’s simple math, really. Easy as pie.


Like the kind you find in a pic-a-nic basket.

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