Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 8!

Our graph for today looks at the total amount of Christmas cheer spread by the decorations on your Christmas tree. Of course, we all know that Christmas trees are like giant Tesla towers for Christmas cheer. Put one big enough in a small Colorado town and you have the chance to blow out the entire community’s cheer fuses.

I’m obligated to insist that you all practice the utmost cheer safety during Christmas

So what can a tree be decorated with? All sorts of stuff. Lights. Ornaments. Garland. Tinsel. Pickles. A star. An angel. Small animals. Hippies protesting cutting down the tree. The possibilities are nearly endless. Twice that if you decorate both a Christmas tree AND a tannenbaum.But as we’ve discussed in previous years, more decorations mean more Christmas cheer.

No exceptions

But it should be clear that this graph does not denote total Christmas cheer spread by the tree. It denotes cheer spread at each level, but because decorations are cumulative, the total area underneath the graph actually shows the sum of all Christmas tree spread. Here’s an example at maximum cheer spread.

As you can see, the returns begin to diminish as you reach about 50% of optimal decoration. After this trees start to look tacky but, hey, more decorations is more decorations and we all know the spirit of the season is “more is more.”


I don’t think that’s right.

I can hardly bear it.

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