Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 7


Ok, so I know it’s not the seventh, but I had a very busy day that is going on 20 straight hours of being awake so deal with it. Today’s graph compares the number of snowflakes in existence that have an identical appearance to any given snowflake you’re looking at right now. Of course, it assumes an imaginary microscope in the looking because you need to see close enough to differentiate it at all, but not close enough where a scientist would point out that the snowflake is, in fact, a limitless sequence of repeating identical shapes moving forward infinitely.


“Oh nice, a fractals test. Let me just–“


If we accept the criteria I put forth, it all makes sense. Everyone knows that all snowflakes are unique, just like third-graders, which gives that lesson particular poignancy.


Each one of these kids had the unique idea for a bake sale because they’re all little snowflakes


And that’s about it for today. Time to pass out. Any further questions, please contact my secretary.



“I’m sorry, Mr. Brucher is…. sleeping…. yes…. of course.”

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