Graph-a-Day til Christmas Part 5!


So What’s the perfect temperature? Some might say 90 degrees, but those people are what I typically call cats, and they don’t really like the heat except as a catalyst for naps. Cats love naps.


But they HATE yarn.


Other people might enjoy the cold. They are what we call Minnesotans.


They ALSO hate yarn.


But the normal people like a nice, comfortable 70 degrees. It’s what makes LA cool, even when a guy named World Peace lives there. Yeah, that’s how great 70’s are. But you know what? One month a year it is not the best. In December, you’ve gotta get below freezing.


Of course, snow is great for spreading Christmas cheer. It’s like a Christmas sweater that tumbles from the sky. Or millions of copies of Elf tumbling out of a dump truck on top of you but with all of the sharp corners luckily padded up. Basically it’s awesome. But the real reason that it needs to be below freezing is so that Frosty doesn’t die.


At least until he goes on a “snow” induced rampage.


That’s really all I got. So here’s a Christmas themed joke:


How do you stop a Christmas tree from smelling bad? Cover it in orna-mints!






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