Spook 30 — Just to clear it up…

We’re getting to the end of the month and I’m running out of ideas, so this one is going to be a short one.


Not to say that’s a bad thing.


When’s the last time you visited a cemetery? How about a graveyard? Not sure which one you actually went to? Not sure you were supposed to leave?
In the event the event that your answer to the last question was “brains,” seek medical treatment immediately.


“This is worse than I thought. Go put locks on the morgue doors, nurse.”


The answers for those other questions gets a bit muddled the closer you look though. See, both a graveyard and a cemetery are spaces set aside for the burial of the dead. But if you’re in a Western European country, or one with a heavy Christian influence, graveyards are probably next to a church. If you visited a place with graves not next to a church it was most likely a cemetery. If there was an adjacent steeple–graveyard. Conversely, if you visited a pet sematary, you should move far away right now.


Especially if this is your cat


So why the change? Well a few big reasons. First of all, the industrial revolution caused a huge spike in urban populations. That meant higher population density and, a direct consequence, higher smelly corpse density. Leading directly from that was the fact that more dead bodies lead to more things that break bodies down (see also: bugs) and helps to breed infectious diseases.


The plague — more convincing of an arguer than you might think.



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