Spook 25 — Halloween Urban Legends Part 2

Well folks here we are in the final stretch and I’m straining to come up with topics. Fortunately for me, two things are going to help me through this. First, I’ve got a “part 2” for today’s entry. Second, I’ve got the long drive home tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, which gives me three days to develop a new three-fer blog entry coming on Sunday. If it’s a bad one, blame the mind numbing flatness of Oklahoma.


Before I lose my mind in the Great American Flatlands, here are three more spooky Halloween urban legends for you. Try and spot the false ones!


We’ll work you in nice and slow…


Our first legend is that of a man on a mission–to party. Dressed in the finest costume he can muster for the Halloween party he plans to intend, the man hits the streets with a live chainshaw and “blood-splattered” shirt. A few minutes later he arrives at the party, rings the doorbell, and has a terrified citizen call the cops on him.


Because SOMEONE doesn’t know their BB-given rights


Yeah, that one totally happened, proving once and for all that the powers of good judgment should not be underestimated.

Legend 2 takes a more depressing turn. This guy is hanging out thinking “Hey, I’m tired of being alive.” So he offs himself by hanging. However if he planned to make a statement, he probably should have stuck it out longer. See, he did it in the middle of October, and like most people do when Halloween comes around, his neighbors assumed the dead guy in the tree was just another decoration.


Just your average October bathroom — or an anytime bathroom in Cleveland


That story? Totally true too. And apparently it happens relatively often, which would kind of be true if it happened even once in my mind.
So it stands to reason that the third legend is true too, right? Well let’s hear it first, Mr. Impatient.

Every Halloween, thousands of black cats are stolen, adopted, and scooped off the streets so that Satanists can sacrifice them in heinous rituals. It’s so bad that pet shelters won’t even let you adopt a black cat in October and if you insist, they throw salt on you to make sure you’re not a ghost and/or demon.

“Okay Mr. Belltzeletzkisturr, and you know we’ll have to have her declawed… Wait you aren’t using this cat for anything awful are you?”


Yeah this one–by far the most believable if you think Satanists are everywhere–is a load of hogwash. Just a friendly reminder that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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