Spook 24 — It had to happen…

We did Halloween. We did Friday the 13th. That means the holy trinity of slasher movies missed the third piece. Until today. A Nightmare on Elm Street gets tackled today.
This time we get no stories of little boys with big dreams or heartwarming tales of a lad reunited with his sister. No, this time we get a true revenge tale, a story that teaches us once and for all that burning your neighbors alive is not a good idea.

Producers felt Wes Craven‘s originally planned infraction of “dog poops in neighbor’s yard” lacked the necessary oomph

Upset by being burned alive, the newly empowered Freddy Krueger returns with his eye on taking the children on those parents who cooked him like a bad pork chop. Of course there’s a twist!

It must be done

Freddy’s only doorway to get to kids (being that he’s dead and all) is through their dreams. This is unfortunate for a select group of kids who might have suspected something was afoot when Wes Craven started folowing them around with a movie camera. However, they just go on, happy as clams–which are apparently very happy–sleeping every night like it’s their job.

At least, they do until some people notice that Freddy’s been showing up in more than one dreamer’s dreams. Predictably this ends poorly for most of the folks, most of all Johnny Depp who ends his acting debut with a splash.

It’s certainly not fighting out of a kraken, but it’ll do.

I’ll leave it up to you all to go and watch the movie yourself if you want to see how the whole thing plays out. Just be warned that there are oodles of sequels to watch and while some are good some are… not.

Of course there ARE worse options…


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