Spook 21 — Why the candy?

So it’s the night of Halloween. You’ve got your bucket. You’ve got your trick or treating buddies. You’ve got your totally terrifying snake charmer costume. What’s missing? Candy.


Also rocks.


However if this blog were being written in the 1930s that would not be the case. Also, no one would be around with internet access to right a blog, nor would they have a computer, and it would be incredible I was writing at all as I would not be even remotely born yet.

In actuality, Halloween candy is a relatively new phenomenon. Though trick or treating isn’t as recent an idea to pop up, early trick or treaters were often given a wide variety of treats. They might get cereal, candy, fruit, toys, money, live snakes, or many other small gifts!

Then in the 1950s marketing happened.


AMC has a great documentary on this


Candy executives…

…wanted to sell more candy. Someone saw an opportunity and by the 1960s, candy started to be a Halloween mainstay. By the 1970s, candy was THE treat of choice. How come?
Well the first reason is back with the marketing. The second reason brings us back to our good old fashioned urban legends. A big one in the 1970s had to do with tainted candy. Tainted how? Think pins, razor blades, and poison and then figure out a way they mix with candy that doesn’t include a riveting game of Clue. Suddenly, you’d be only wanting sealed candy too.


Nothing to fear here but diabetes


Well turns that that much like the vast majority of urban legends, this one isn’t true. Oh, except for the razor blades and stuff. Just keep that in mind next time you eat some candy.


…Happy Halloween!

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