Spooks 16, 17, and 18 — A Trifecta of Spooky Roadways

So on the off chance that anyone is reading this and wondering where I went for the last two days, I was not whisked away into a vortex for unraveling the secrets of the paranormal, which is good because most of the stuff I found out with just a a few minutes of Google searching. No, I was on the road.
Good news though, I’m back with a trifecta of spooks to knock your tires off. Here’s three tales of terror straight out of the bowels of the big black tarmac tapestry of the Yoo Ess of Ayy. For those who don’t speak melodrama, here are some ghosts on the road.


Believe it or not, this could be haunted.


Our first ghost comes from just outside my own home in Illinois, a wistful spirit from right outside the small mining town of Chicago. A bit southwest of this small town is the ancient burial ground known as Resurrection Cemetery. And a bit outside of Resurrection Cemetery is a phantom hitchhiker named Resurrection Mary.


Poor? Or asking for it by walking on the wrong side of the road?


Poor Mary was not run down by walking on the wrong side of the street as my caption would indicate (blame these filmmakers for not doing their research). I guess I can’t say that for sure, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Legend has it that she got into a bit of a spat with her boyfriend at a dance and decided to walk on home. On the way she got struck by a car and was left behind to die.

Understandably, Mary was not all that happy about it. In fact, she was so unhappy that she stuck around the mortal world to let people know. She often shows up at nightclubs to dance with men, eventually asking for a ride home and vanishing from the car when it passes the cemetery. Other times she hangs out in front of all those graves and teases cars by almost getting hit. All in all, it makes her a typical “vanishing hitchhiker” ghost.


As opposed to “vanishing-causing” hitchhikers


Our next ghost isn’t a ghost at all, it’s a freeway. Specifically, it’s US route 491. Sounds scary right? Okay, yeah, not so much. But what about it’s old name Route 666?

Ohhhhhh, spooooooooooky.


I bet you didn’t know that Iron Maiden used old highway surveyor photos for album covers


All kinds of things happen on Route 666, ranging from a clack sedan that materializes behind your car and accelerates up behind you in a real creepy kind of way. Or there is a big red semi that scares you by being all creepy. Really, those are pretty much just normal things that happen on any given highway but is a little creepier.

What is spooky is that Route 666 was home to an unusually high number of traffic accidents over its lifetime. When the name changed, the accident numbers went down. Coincidence? Or less stoners getting high on Route 666 for kicks?


Route 666 — final location of Bill and Ted’s Not So Excellent Adventure


Our final ghost hails from back towards home, though in the much more milky state of Wisconsin. Once again, this is no ghost that haunts the place (making my leading statements wildly misleading) but rather a beast.


“Hi… err… I mean, boo.”


The Beast of Bray Road claims–predictably–Bray road as its stomping grounds, in the sleepy town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. He’s a big hairy guy (I can relate) that many people instantly assumed was some sort of slathering, bloodthirsty beast (once more I can relate). There isn’t really a whole lot to our story at first, except for people seeing a 7-foot tall, bear-dog that walked on two feet.


Artist’s Rendition


Then came the Gable film, a short reel of footage that showed a man being attacked by some kind of creature in southern Wisconsin. Shortly after, a new film popped up showing a a police investigation and the unfortunate fate of the camera man who was torn in half.

Unfortunately for crypto-zoological hopefuls but fortunate for Mr. Gable-I-Film_Monsters man, the film turned out to be a fake.


Leaving only normal bears for us to fear.



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