Spook 10 — Unlucky Friday

It’s time for part two in our movie series and as I’m currently watching Last House on the Left for the first time ever, I figured I’d steer clear of Wes Craven and hit the third of the “big three” of dozens-of-sequels-trilogy. That’s right, today we take on machetes, old school hockey masks, and Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th, bring it on.


The twist is that the world was his body THE WHOLE TIME


Friday the 13th is another classic movie focusing on the story of a young man with ambition. This time, it’s the dream of a boy who wanted to be the next Tony Esposito.


Who only got as good with his goalie stick as he did because of? Machete practice.


Mr. Voorhees thought the best way to pursue his dream would be to head out to hockey kids summer camp and learn his way to the NHL. Unfortunately none of the camp counselors remember to tell Jason that water doesn’t freeze during the summer! Minutes later, Jason lies dead at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve got a new batch of kids at camp.


“On day 4 we all earned our silver bullet forging merit badges.”


Lo and behold, these new counselors are getting the place ready for the new campers when BLAMMO! Jason comes back on the scene and he’s all like, “You guys play hockey?” and they’re all like, “Nope,” and he’s all like, “Okay.” Then he starts massacring them with a machete.


In a showing decidedly less violent than some hockey games


Well one by one the gang is murdered until only one girl remains. I’ll leave it to you to figure out whether she survives or not. Also here’s a fun fact about the movie as a parting gift:
The only time you hear music? When the monster is around!


It’s to remind you that no one ever hears the real terror coming…


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