Spook 8 — Eight Legged Monsters

Those of you who know me know that I do not like spiders. Those of you who do not–congrats you’re all caught up.


It took great personal effort to Google Image Search this


Now spiders are everywhere during Halloween. I mean, they’re everywhere pretty much all the time, but all the weird fake ones come out right around Halloween. Some of you may be wondering why.

Well it’s really not all that much of a shock really. See let’s get a quick rundown of places where spiders live and hide.

Scary Houses

Scary Forests

Scary Catacombs

Scary Cemeteries

Scary Toilets

Scary Footwear


You’ll notice the theme is that they live in places that are dark and scary, much like everything during the month of October. Ergo, one thing leads to another and spiders must be the perfect proxy for Halloween. It’s really just a match made in heaven.. err… hell… err… somewhere? I’ll leave that one to you all.


Anyway, it’s a short one for you all today. To recap: Spiders live in scary places. Spider bites can kill people in awful (or almost hilarious — Google Brazilian Wandering Spider) ways. Spiders have more legs than smaller, fluffier animals. Halloween likes scary places, death, and oodles of limbs. It’s like Peanut butter and chocolate.




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