Spook 3 — Halloween (1978)

Today we discuss the age-old tradition of October, the scary movie. And what better movie to kick start the review process than Halloween?

For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, it tells the heartwarming tale of a young boy spurned by his family who manages to overcome great stress and obstacles in life to achieve his lifelong goal. It’s just that same old story.

“Rudy! Rudy! Rud-blarghhhh!!!”

The movie centers around two main characters, the younger sister of our hero played by the venerable Jamie Lee Curtis and our devoted hero, Mike Myers.

Not to be confused with the former SNL star and committer of far worse crimes

While Mr. Myers goes about his goal to reconnect with his sister, he meets several of her friends and engages in a wide variety of antics. When Mr. Myers tires of the company of these two young lasses, he leaves them all red (especially the embarrassed PJ Soles who accidentally exposes herself to the man)

“Jamie, your brother is acting weird again…”

Right about now, Mike’s old buddy Samuel Loomis enters the scene, babbling of Mike’s crippling mental disorder and forcing police to go after him in a cruel, frat-boy prank. Sure enough those plans work and Mike soon finds himself at the business end of Sam Loomis’ harsh sense of humor.

“Why’d the chicken cross the road? Because!” BLAM!

Unfortunately for the world at large, Loomis’ joke results in a 9-movie sequel sequence of varying quality. Some were great. Others were perhaps the scariest movies of all…

Scary – Not always a good descriptor for horror movies.

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