Comic-a-Day til Christmas #21!

21? TWENTY-ONE??? If days were years and this comic was an American citizen, it could drink by now! As if it needed any more help being incoherent…


So anyone who has been reading these blogs religiously ought to know that I thoroughly enjoy “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen. In this movie, the question of how Santa gets into homes with no chimney is answered. But then there’s a whole other issue. What if the house is just big enough for its contents?
Think about it. Here you’ve got a perfectly average Eskimo (I’m pretty sure that’s a racially insensitive term but I don’t know the PC one and frankly I’m too tired to look it up–so deal) family: there’s a dad and a mom and a 2.4 children (I assume one boy, one girl, and a sort of half torso like thing). Then they’ve got all their belongings and it all needs to fit in their tiny igloo home.

What happens when Santa suddenly apparates inside?

Santasplosions are a major problem in the arctic circle.

Now you might remember from last year’s facebook series “the 25(ish) graphs of Christmas” that elves are magic but still need to deal with a thing called phsyics. Well, same thing applies to the big guy too.

So now you’ve got Santa inside and there’s no room for him which just ruins everyone’s day. In fact, it even ruins the local bears’ days.

"Well guys, no party today I guess..."

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