Comic-a-Day til Christmas #18!

So you’ve all heard the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, right? If not, have you heard the story of the Ugly Duckling?

If Yes: Rudolph is the same story but with more Santa and candy canes.

If No: What kind of terrible childhood did you live???

I assume your childhood was like this, except the adorable blue thing was Jiminy Glick


So anyway, in the end the ugly duckling works out because for some reason that’s the moral that we teach kids. Not that beauty is internal, mind you. It teaches that you can be hideous so long as your mutation is useful or results in unimaginable beauty later in life.

...but if it's both, it'll result in evil.

But realistically, a bright red nose and a nose that gets longer are both terrible things for these characters to endure. After all, Piniocchio can’t tell jokes or be a lawyer (one guess which I think is a worse limitation) and Rudolph can’t tell exactly what colors his sweaters are! HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO BUY A SWEATER IN A POORLY LIT STORE??? DO YOU REALIZE HOW AWFUL IT IS???


…My apologies. A bit of a Christmas shopping freakout there. I’m better now.

Thanks, catharsis.

Anyway. Let’s give these characters some credit. They suffer through more than we know, and unlike that Charlie Brown fella, they never complain. So here’s to you, Puppet-Boy and Mutant Deer. Thanks for making Christmas more.. uhh… Christmas-y.

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