Comic-a-Day til Christmas #16!


So here’s a thought: we give kids coal because its a punishment, right? For their being bad?

Well I think it’s about time that we update that particular tradition, for two main reasons.

#1: I always want to make snowmen, and you know what the problem is? Well it certainly isn’t carrots, and believe it or not it isn’t all difficult to find a stove top hat. No, the problem is finding coal. The solution? I can just be bad!

This Frosty brought to you by... Murder!


#2: As an economics major, this one stuck out to me. We’re facing an energy crisis and at the heart of the energy crisis is a lack of fossil fuels. That scarcity means higher prices for coal, which means profits for being evil! It works like this:


Of course there’s a failsafe already in place, as not every kid gets coal. Much to the contrary, in my graph the kids who are abnormally GOOD get the coal profits, much as it should be. Even better, here’s a proposed alternative to avoid any confusion on reinforcing bad behaviors.

The replacement for coal:

The final solution

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