Comic-a-Day til Christmas #14!

You guys want to see a movie with a lot of plot holes? Check out “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen. I’ll just run through a few today.




Plot Hole #1: If killing the present Santa makes you the new Santa, how did Tim Allen’s murder get his position? Given that our current standard of living is a relatively new state of affairs, we can assume that the position of Santa Claus would have been quite a desirable job. What does that mean? Outright Christmas bloodbaths, every year.

Merrrrryyyyyy Christmas!


Plot Hole #2: Does everyone remember when Tim Allen (Scott Calvin) arrives in the North Pole? He’s all confused right? And then this kid comes out of the snow, doesn’t say a word, and then touches some magic orb of power and Presto! Tim Allen goes to the North Pole!

We've been holding the bunker safe til you're return, General Santa.

And where does that kid go? Back into the snow? That’s terrible! He is literally DEFINITELY going to die. Man, Santa is a real rough boss…

If he's lucky he'll freeze before the bears get him.


Plot Hole #3: Watch that scene where the kid introduces his dad (Tim Allen) to his class. Look in back. Is that a freakin astronaut???? That’s all.

And that’s as far into the movie as I am right now, so we’re all done! I hope you guys go watch it and help me find more! We must break the conspiracy!

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