Comic-a-Day til Christmas #11!


Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear a punk little kid peeing on a snowman? If you answered yes, go stop him before the  snowman gets revenge. If you said you didn’t but you heard alarms from a giant underground Nazi base blaring from your roommates video game then you DID hear what I hear! Wowzers!

Merely Players hosted their last show of the year today and it was a doosie. We brought the Christmas cheer and got everyone their Christmas groove back like they were Stella.


Fun Fact: Stella got her groove back by posing for deoderant ads


And then I came home to a warm home and was greeted by Stick Treesy. It was a good day, but you know what it lacked? Snow! Where’s the snow???

Oh, that's right.


Anyway, I’ve got one more week in Kenosha and I’d like to see some snow before I go! (Both for the convenient rhyme AND the Christmas cheer!) According to the so-called weathermen (I like to call them whether-or-not men, as in whether or not they are right… HA!) snow should be here… never!


…at least not in the next 10 days. So you all know what that means. We all gotta bust out those Christmas sweaters and get some flurries or something!


The bear will be sporting his, for sure


Til tomorrow, Happy Holidays!

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