Comic-a-Day til Christmas #8!

In case you didn’t get the joke today, it’s because there isn’t one. Today is homage day! (In layman’s terms that’s “the day where I’m tired and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas

For some reason I watch this movie every year. Unlike Elf, the movie with that Katy Perry with small boobs girl and the funny guy from anchorman and a guy who used to do a lot of USO shows, A Charlie Brown Christmas is super depressing. How depressing?

Not quite Metallo-Rabbit depressing. Close, though.

And yet year after year I come back to Charlie Brown and his sad, sad life. He goes out and buys the same paltry Christmas trees, he’s sent the same no card by Violet, and he gets the same unending dust tossed on him by a loitering Pigpen.

A person who is also an EPA violation. Wrap your mind around that.

We learn about how awful and commercial the Christmas season is (now is a good time to point out that I make no money from these blogs. Only smiles and pride. And boredom defeated) and how awful at everything ‘Ol Chuck is.

Sure he’s nice, but what’s nice in a Schulzian Art Deco Christmas Tree lot? (Author’s Note: I’d like to coin the phrase “Schulzian Art Deco Christmas Tree Lot”)

"I dunno Charlie Brown, these trees are so nouveau riche..."


Then when all is said and done, what are left with? A bunch of kids with broken necks and no chins.


"Who's laughing now??? MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!" --Charlie Brown, slightly before something worse happened to him.



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