Christmas Comic-a-Day #9!

We’re almost into the double digits and you all know what that means? Nothing special really. But here’s a comic to MAKE it special!


Everyone familiar with the Donner party? Good. I hear the party was a blast. They got a bunch of cool cats to visit, and they all drank some Jim (Not Beam) Jones, and then they had snacks. That last part didn’t go over well.

Mostly because Blitzen brought whatever this is.

Maybe you’re wondering how the Donner party got brought into this. After all, how does cannibalism relate to Christmas??? Well, the obvious answer is that Donner is one of the reindeer.

Wait. Donner is one of Santa’s reindeer? And the Donner party was so awful because of the cannibalism?And unlike other reindeer, something gives Santa’s reaindeer the magic they need to fly?

It all makes sense now!!!

Well, that seals the deal folks. Turns out that all those “brutish natives” had the right idea. Apparently eating your own does grant superhuman powers.


(Note: The author does not condone cannibalism. Those claiming that he does will have his bear sic’d on them. For those who don’t believe it, here’s proof.)


The author's bear when he hears you blame him for your cannibalism.


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