Comic-a-Day til Christmas #7!

So you know unions? No? Follow this link and learn about them, then read today’s comic!



How clever. But more importantly, this raises a most troubling question. What is a sugarplum anyway?

I know this about them: visions of them dance in children’s heads and sometimes they are affiliated with Russian fairies. Beyond that, it’s a mystery.

Like mauve.


So I did the legwork and researched with the hopes that you wouldn’t need to! So what’s a sugar plum? It’s like a cookie or a candy or something. It’s something sweet–that’s the important part. Sweet.


Like Maude.


To make one, you combine some dried fruit with nuts and spices and honey and stuff. How’s that for a recipe??? I feel like I really outdid myself with that one. I deserve a prize.


Like Laud... anum.


And that there is a complete-as-can-be history of sugar plums. I hope you all enjoyed it.


On the topic of things being enjoyed… It’s cold out there! Keep yourselves indoors unless you’re headed to a friend’s house to watch Christmas movies! And get under some covers and hibernate!


Like a bear.


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