Christmas Comic-a-Day #6!

How do you like that? We got right into this today. Also, Get it??? HA!!!

Okay so anyway, who here has gone sledding? Everyone? Good. If you said no, stop reading and go sledding.

Or the bear will make you.

Okay so now that we’ve established how awesome sledding is, we can move on to my next point. Much like drunken gymnastics (Source: Amanda), the fun comes from the sense of danger. hurdling at high speeds down an icy hill on a plank of wood is by no means safe, and unless you’re crazy you wouldn’t do it. After all, who wants to get dangerous?

Oh, that's right.

So why do we sled? The sense of adrenaline pumping through our veins? The icy wind tearing at our face? The wipeout at the end that risks life, limb, and a stiff neck? Probably all of the above, but most of all it’s the sense of cheating death. Only in sledding can we avoid the icy grip of a wintry death at high velocity. Only in sledding can we explain why we daisy chain four plastic saucers together and swing around a corner at high velocity and go tumbling over each other (Cite: Me, Tim, Seles, Akini, Marissa, Jenni). Only in sledding can we joust!

Though I'm working on that...

So this Christmas season, pause and think about what it takes to assure that safety. Merry December 6th (St. Nicholas Day) everyone. Go get candy out of a shoe.

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