Comic-a-Day til Christmas #4!

Has anyone else noticed how Christmas trees are basically just skanky girls? Don’t believe me? Let’s examine it.

Things trees and skanky girls both do…

  • Go home with strangers they just met? Check.
  • Go home stumbling across the ground because they can’t stand up any more? Check.
  • Judged based on their body? Check.
  • Considered a bonus if they’re made of plastic? Check.
  • Not very bright? Check. (until the Christmas tree is enlightened)

A fun game: Try and guess when the skanky girl is too drunk to care that you're hanging candy canes from her.


It’s something you don’t think about, but once it occurs to you? You won;t be able to shake it. I apologize for today’s brevity. To make up for it, here’s a picture of Stick Treesy:


"You should see the skanky trees..."

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