Comic-a-Day til Christmas #3!

Ok, so I know I missed a day. but you know what? I’m a man of my word, so you’ll get two today! And since I can’t log onto my work computer, you’ll get to get two BETTER comics than I’d planned on doing. So here’s the first:



Have you ever looked at a snowman and thought, “Hey, that doesn’t look like a man at all!” I know I have. And I thought it again when I wrote this comic (it didn’t just appear on accident).

Then I saw a fat guy in a puffy jacket. Suddenly it was clear.



But the question is what came first, the chicken or the egg? Was it the snowman that inspired the puffy coat, or the puffy coat that inspired the snowman? Conventional wisdom tells us that it was likely the snowman that came first.

Pictured: Wisdom Convention

After all, puffy coats aren’t that old, and snowmen are a tradition! Right? RIGHT??!?!?!?

According to the always brilliantly reliable Wikipedia, you’d be right. What’s the first documented snowman? One from 1380 that can be found in The Hague! (Not the snowman, the evidence)


So my rebuttal to defend my comic? …Suck it up and accept the incrongruity. It’s a comic, geez. Stop being so picky.


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