Cartoon-a-Day til Christmas #2!

Some of you may have noticed– it snowed last night. So first off, thank you, Tim Eiter. Second… here’s a cartoon!





There’s not a whole lot to explain in today’s cartoon, but I want to talk about snow anyway. Specifically, I want to address some of people’s reason to hate snow. Then I want to explain why, if you are one of these people, you are wrong. So let’s get to this, shall we?


Reason 1: Snow is cold.


This is true! I’m not going to argue the point that snow is cold, but I will argue that cold isn’t bad. Take this for example: Hell vs. Heaven. Now, if we are to believe pop culture, Hell is underground and Heaven is in the sky. For those who aren’t aware, it’s cold up in the atmosphere, and awful hot in the Earth’s core.  



For those more akin to 1300s pop culture, Hell is somewhere off this road…


When you look at it that way cold doesn’t seem so bad, huh?


Reason 2: Snow is wet.


This is also true! you haters have at least checked your facts!


..and remembered them too!


Well if you are all about this anti-getting-wet stand please let me know. I’ll be staying away from your stinky, unshowered self.


Pictured: You, stinky guy


Reason 3: Snow means you can’t go outside any more!


Ummm, excuse me? Is this an honest complaint? Not only does snow not preclude people from going outside, it makes it better! When’s the last time you made a mud man for fun?


You’re excused from my fury if you are, in fact, a mole man


Never! But people make snowmen all the time! That’s because snow is a lot more fun than mud. I planned on making a comment here about how the white, cleanly nature of snow made it the clearly better option but I caught my tongue. You’re welcome, MLK.


“Thanks Chris, I got you!”



So I hope this allays your fears about the impending snow. And if it didn’t? Tough luck. Keep reading the cartoons though, laughter will keep you warm.


Til tomorrow, keep the holiday spirits high, loyal readers!

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