Why board games are good where they are…

I had a thought on Halloween weekend. While hanging out with a few friends dressed as Clue characters, it occurred to me that numerous board games are being underrepresented. Clue was made into a movie, sure, but where is the Clue video game? Better yet, where is real life Clue?

Oh... right....

Okay, so maybe real life Clue isn’t the greatest idea. There has to be something that’s good fun, right? Like the game of Life?

…I guess that’s a bad example too.

I’m sure there is at least one game that would work for this. Othello? Too much potential for racial issues with that one. Risk? Sorta like big scale Clue without the guessing.  Scattergories? I feel like Stumbleupon already covered that one.

But there needs to be at least one. So I gave it some thought, and here’s what I came up with: Sorry! It might not be the best translation of a game, but I think that people should make a game of apologizing when they do something wrong. Just think, who holds a grudge in Sorry? It’s just part of the game! Finally, apologizing would be the “Get away guilt-free” Card I’ve been waiting for for so long!

Then again, that might just cause more problems. Maybe it’s best to just leave games where they are–on boards.

That means you too, Moneybags.

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