Something I don’t understand…

Have you ever been walking along a sidewalk and on either side of you there is nothing? Not nothing in the sense that you’re tumbling through a vast, open abyss occupied by only a sidewalk. No, I mean nothing in a more pragmatic sense. Like no trees or buildings.

I’ll assume you have the picture now.

For the ease of people with no interest in using their imagination.

Now, I happened to have been walking along a path like this not long ago. I was feeling chipper and spry and I whistled while I walked. Life was good. I was unstoppable.

I should clarify that my life was not about to turn for the worse, nor was I about to be stopped. Those are just hyperbole and metaphors and stuff.

What DID happen was that I walked into a spider web. This was a shock because last I checked spiders attach their webs to things, and this path was not surrounded by things. My question, then, was about where this spider web came from??? I looked to my left and saw a bank of trees some 30 feet away. Then I looked to my right and saw a building another 120 feet (or so) standing, minding its own business over there.

That was one enterprising spider.

I guess you reach a point where these just aren't interesting any more.

Then it struck me. That little guy must have worked all day and night just to get that one string across the street to bring in the big haul. All of his spider friends probably made fun of him and called him names and said he was stupid for not sticking to what worked. And he probably told him that creativity and ingenuity were the heart of genius and change. He probably said he was going to bring in the biggest haul of all time.

Well, he was wrong. Because I walked right through it and just brushed it away. I imagine he’s stewing away somewhere. …Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for being a spider.

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