Crash Course: The email about the “28th Amendment”

Some of you may have received the email that is going around about the proposed “28th Amendment” that would put high-flying Congressmen in their place. It talks about taking away the undue privileges that Congress receives and making them live like the common man. It’s a noble undertaking.

Also, most of it is entirely false. (I’ll let you check the sources they cite yourself instead of posting a half dozen links) Also, check out how that guy cited himself 3 times. Now that’s confidence. Or annoyingly shallow conviction that he IS ALWAYS RIGHT. I’ll let you guys make that decision on your own.

But the point remains that there is still a problem with the whole scenario. According to this study, 261 of 535 congresspeople are millionaires (48.8%).Compare that to this and we see that there are around 3.1 million millionaires in the united states compared to 307,006,550 people in the country (1.0%).

Doesn’t look to representative, does it?

But how about looking at it this way…

If you’re one of 3.1 million people looking for those 261 spots, you have a .000842% chance of being part of Congress if you’re also a millionaire. Certainly doesn’t seem like too good a chance, so maybe this is all just nothing to worry about.

Then again, there are over 303 million people that are not millionaires working towards the other 274 spots. That gives them a .000000902% chance of being a congressman if we keep the same ratios in office.

When you look at it like that, there is clearly a problem. That’s something that can’t help but make any American frown. If you have any ideas about how to fix it, post ’em. (But keep it reasonable)

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